Powers: Enhanced Physical Abilities, Misdirection, and Three Brains


What!?: He’s a supersoldier, he can create illusions, and his three brains increase his ability to think, process, and analyse situations

Origins: Jean-Phillipe, or Weapon XIII, Fantomex, was created by the Weapon Plus program as a techno-organic Sentinel. Fantomex was raised in a virtual world to become a media friendly mutant hunter modeled after Saturday Morning Cartoon characters. Fantomex manages to escape the Weapon Plus program and disguises himself as a thief to gain sanctuary from the X-men. It is later revealed that he was able to escape while being transported to another base due to an accident caused by Weapon XII. Fantomex is allowed to escape, and later works with Cyclops and Wolverine to destroy Weapon XV, the last Weapon Plus project.  After spending some time as an actual thief, Fantomex helps the X-men defeat the vicious Predator X upon request from a young mutant boy. Fantomex chooses to stay on with the X-men and moves to Utopia.

His Deal: Fantomex is a member of the Weapon Plus program, a program designed to create a new type of soldier, but quickly evolved into an anti-mutant project. Fantomex is Weapon XIII. Wolverine is Weapon X. Captain America is known as Weapon I. Fantomex’s myriad of abilities make him an extraordinary soldier. Fantomex is also part Sentinel, somewhat like fellow X-men Omega Sentinel. And although technically born in Britain, Fantomex sees himself as French, making him the first French X-men.

Personality: Fantomex is a master manipulator, as he was designed by the Weapon X program to be a stealth operative. His three brains also allow him to think of creative and non-linear solutions to almost any problem. Fantomex is very independent, and hopes to create a life in his own image, and not that of Weapon Plus. Fantomex appears to have his own moral code, possibly inspired by his desire to change. Fantomex is also seems to have a soft spot for children and the elderly.

Fun Fact: Fantomex was allowed to escape because Jean Grey found him attractive


First Appearance: New X-men #128 (2002)

Death: Fantomex died after a mission with X-Force, his brains are later revived in three separate bodies.


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