Powers: A Techn-Organic Being


What!?: He’s made up of living metal, which allows him to shapeshift, drain energy, and convert others through infection

Origins: Warlock is from the Technarchy, a race of mechanical aliens that off life energy, as well of the son of their ruler, Magus. Due to Warlock’s almost unnatural level of compassion, he was forced to flee his home or be killed by his father. Warlock crash landed near the Xavier Mansion, and was attacked by the New Mutants. However, Warlock proved to be little threat, as his journey had severely weakened him to near death. Through the communication skills of Doug Ramsey,┬áthe New Mutants where able to save Warlock’s life. Befriending the young mutant team, Warlock joined the New Mutants.

Before the X-men: Warlock’s closest friend was Doug, and the two often worked together during missions. Doug’s death affected Warlock deeply, even going so far as to steal Doug’s corpse in hopes of reanimating it. Later on Warlock, along with the New Mutants, eventually found themselves in the mutant Island of Genosha, where Warlock seeming died at the hands of Cameron Hodge. Warlocks ashes were then used by a group of anti-mutant humans to infect themselves with his techono-organic DNA, transforming themselves into the cybernetic Phalanx. This accidentally revived Warlock, but with the memories of Doug Ramsey. Warlock spent years believing he was his dead friend, or something close, and renamed himself Douglock.

Warlock eventually did regain his memories, and dedicated his life to eradicating all techno-organic technology on Earth. He traveled with a young mutant named Hope, who carried the techo-organic virus without being infected by it. Warlock then travels back to his homeworld for a time. When Warlock returns to Earth, he finds a now revived Doug fighting the New Mutants under the control of the witch Selene. After a combined effort from Warlock and the New Mutants, Doug was freed. Warlock and Doug then rejoin the New Mutants, and the X-men, once again.

His Deal: Warlock was the New Mutants alien member, as well as Cypher’s closest friend. Warlock would even act as Cypher’s armor during battle. He was also revealed to be Douglock, one of the most confusing characters in X-men history. Warlock is considered a mutant to his species due to his high levels of compassion. This became apparent when he refused to kill his father, which is a ritual for his culture.

Personality: Warlocks comes from a rather ruthless species who infect others with a techno-organic virus in order to feed off their energy force. Warlock’s empathetic refusal to do so has made him an outcast in the eyes of this people. Warlock, however, has not given up on his people, and hopes that one day they will outgrow their aggressive ways. On Earth, Warlock’s unusual speech patterns and naivete give him an almost child-like charm. Warlock is very loyal, especially to the New Mutants, who were his first real friends.

Fun Fact: One of Warlock’s favorite words is “Self-Friend”


First Appearance: New Mutants #18 (1984)

Dead: Warlock once died when Cameron Hodge tried to extract his shape-shifting ability


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