Powers: Omnilingual


What!?: He understands any and every language

Origins: Doug Ramsey, or Cypher, was originally introduced as a friend of Kitty Pryde’s who shared an interest in computers. Doug was a suspected mutant, and was even invited to Emma Frost’s Massachusetts Academy. His status was not declared, however, until the mechanical alien Warlock was discovered by the New Mutants. Doug’s ability to communicate with the alien Warlock proved conclusively that Doug was a mutant. Warlock and Doug became very close during their time with the New Mutants, even sharing portions of their own life energy with one another. Doug also developed a relationship with fellow teammate Wolfsbane, but it was short lived. On a mission to rescue an island of mutant animals, Doug died taking a bullet for Wolfbane. Doug’s death is one of the factors that led to the disbanding of the New Mutants. Doug would eventually be resurrected years later by the witch Selene to attack the reformed New Mutants. The New Mutants, however, are able to stop him and free him from Selene’s control. He subsequently joins the New Mutants and X-men.

His Deal: Cypher was the least powerful member of the original New Mutants. His passive power set made him all but useless in a fight. He was also the least popular New Mutant among readers until his death. In fact, he proved more popular after his death than during his life, becoming one of the most iconic dead X-men, along side Jean Grey and Thunderbird. His language abilities do make him invaluable with technology. He has had romantic affections for fellow New Mutants Wolfsbane and Moonstar.

Personality: Doug was a very personable young man. His time with the New Mutants, however, was filled with moments of self-pity and feelings of uselessness. Doug was well aware of his lack of offensive powers, and often saw himself as more of a burden to the New Mutants than an actual member. When Doug was resurrected, his powers seemingly increased, allowing him to read body language as well. This has made him an extremely avid hand-to-hand fighter. However, his new powers have also given him a more logical and analytical personality, partly due to the new levels of language he is now exposed to.

Fun Fact: During the 90’s, Doug was seemingly resurrected as the character Douglock. This later turned out to be a confused Warlock.


First Appearance: New Mutants #13 (1984)

Death: Doug died defending Wolfsbane from the Ani-Mator

Greatest Crime: Almost succumb to his powers which would have taken over the world


One thought on “Cypher

  1. Actually, if I could have any mutant ability in real life, I’d probably want Cypher’s. You could travel all over the world and not worry about having to know a new language. He’d probably have been a great CIA guy.

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