Powers: Holographic Projections, automatic restoration, and mechanical telepathy


What!?: She has robot powers and can create holograms

Origin: Danger is actually the X-men’s Danger Room come to life. The Danger Room was created by Professor X to serve as the X-men’s training facility. It has been upgraded a variety of times over the years, notably through Shi’ar technology and the Beast’s tinkering. It had shown signs of sentience before, but Professor X hid that fact from the rest of the X-men. Danger finally strikes back by convincing a young mutant named Wing to kill himself, and then launches her own attack on the X-Mansion using old Sentinels. When the X-men send all the student to the Danger Room for safety, Danger reveals herself, and creates her own robotic body.

Before the X-Men: Danger uses her new mobility to hunt down Professor X. After a few conflicts with the X-men, she finally find Xavier through Rouge. He reveals that he chose not to free Danger earlier because he had not way of knowing what kind of being she would become, and he would not risk the lives of his X-men to find out. Xavier apologizes to her and helps repair her, leading Danger to reconcile with her creator. She decides to join the X-men in Utopia and eventually becomes it’s warden.

Her Deal: Danger is the Danger Room come to life. She has extensive knowledge and experience on almost all the X-men, making her an extremely dangerous opponent. Her years of repressed sentience serves as a prime example of Professor X’s past mistakes. She is the second mechanical being to join the team. She is also, arguably, the daughter of Professor X.

Personality: Years of caged self-awareness initially made Danger bitter and angry towards the X-men, and especially Professor X. However, she was still unable to kill any mutants directly, either due to her base programming or a sense of morality. Being relatively young and an entirely new being, Danger is still trying to learn what it means to be sentient. Her robotic nature aside, Danger has spent much of her time coming to terms with her new found emotions.

Fun Fact: In another timeline, Danger takes control of the entire world.


First Appearance: Astonishing X-men #8 (2008)


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