Powers: Spatial-Specific Teleportation and Charisma

Back Camera

What!?: She can teleport, but only through two doorways. She’s also naturally influential.

Origin: Ariel is an alien from the pleasure planet Coconut Grove. Having reached their evolutionary peak, Ariel’s people sent her to Earth to collect samples of mutations. Ariel founded a small band of thieves called the Fallen Angels, under the leadership of the Vanisher, and helped him collect other young mutants. Ariel eventually sent the Fallen Angels to Coconut Grove, where they were imprisoned for future study. Though feeling guilty, Ariel left them to their fate, until it was discovered that Ariel was also a mutant, the first of their species. The Fallen Angels were able to escape, however, thanks to Ariel’s mutant charisma powers. Ariel resurfaced years later, shortly after Utopia had been established, and served as one of the X-men’s teleporters.

Her Deal: In a lot of ways, Ariel was the real antagonist of the Fallen Angels series. She formed the team for the purpose of kidnapping them for scientific experiments. She is one of the few Alien X-men. Her glamorous and fashion oriented character is reminiscent of Jubilee and Boom-Boom.

Personality: Being from a pleasure planet, Ariel is naturally full of life. She is an optimistic person, with a love of fashion and glamour. It could be argued that Ariel’s personality borders on the self-centered. She is also quite manipulative. She was, after all, willing to leave her teammates to be experimented on, and only free them after she herself was captured. She is also easily bored with activities that don’t entertain her. However, Ariel did voluntarily join the X-men, showing at least some signs of comradery.

Fun Fact: “Ariel” is one of Kitty Pryde’s many codenames.


First Appearance: Fallen Angels #1(1987)

Death: Ariel died during the return of Hope Summers, the mutant messiah.


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