Tabitha Smith (Boom-Boom)

Powers: Variably-sized Spheres of Pure Plasma


What!?: Time-Bombs

Origin: Tabitha Smith, or Boom-Boom, was born in Virginia. Tabitha ran away from home at the age of 13 when she was beaten by her father after her mutant powers manifested. She encounters the cosmic being known as The Beyonder, who attempts to take her to Charles Xavier. Xavier, however, ignores Tabitha and tries to fight The Beyonder. Tabitha tries to commit suicide over this second rejection, but is saved by The Beyonder, who takes her on his cosmic journeys. She is eventually returned to Earth.

Before the X-Men: Now living on the streets, Tabitha is recruited by the Vanisher into the Fallen Angels, a group of street thieves.  She betrays the Vanisher and joins the X-Factor as a trainee. Tabitha later joins the New Mutants, and develops a crush on their leader Cannonball. Tabitha stays with the New Mutants after they are reformed as X-Force by Cable, and starts a relationship with Cannonball. When Cannonball graduates to a full-fledged X-man, their relationships is strained. Tabitha comforts herself by taking care of Sabertooth, who at the time was imprisoned by the X-men. His fake calm nature tricks her into freeing him from his shackles. Guilt ridden, Tabitha visits her father, and the two reconcile. Unfortunately, he is caught in the middle of an attack and is left mortally wounded.

Feeling even more guilty, Tabitha goes through a radical change in appearance and character, becoming more assertive and aggressive. Tabitha spends most of her time with X-Force, and has a on-again, off-again, relationship with Cannonball. After X-Force disbands and the M-Day Decimation occurs, Tabitha moves to San Francisco along side the rest of the X-men. Tabitha briefly becomes part of the villainous Leper Queen’s plot to kill X-Force, but is saved through the use of time travel. Tabitha joins the X-men during the Predator X invasion of their new base, Utopia.

Her Deal: Tabitha was originally a sort of Jubilee clone. She was a runaway mallrat with attitude who had more heart than she let on. She is best known for her time with X-Force, being one of their most consistent members. She is the fifth southern X-man.

Personality: Tabitha is a sort of “girl with attitude” character. She initially spoke with a valley girl dialect, usually pointing out the absurdity of a situation. Tabitha grew out of this during her time with X-Force, developing a more aggressive and assertive personality. She also kept a bit of her rebellious spirit. Her lively personality, however, helps mask a more vulnerable side. Tabitha is sensitive to rejection due to her father’s ininital rejection of her mutant abilities. She is also capable of great love, having had a very intimate relationship with Cannonball for years.

Fun Fact: Tabitha has many codenames, including Time Bomb, Boom-Boom, Boomer, and Meltdown


First Appearance: Secret Wars II #5 (1985)


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