Powers: Living Light


What!?: She uses her life force to create energy daggers. She can also cure people with her powers.

Origin: Tandy Bowen, or Dagger, was a 16 year old rich girl from Ohio who ran away from home after feeling neglected by her socialite mother. She made it all the way to New York, where she met Tyrone Johnson, a fellow run away who rescued her from a mugging. The two became fast friends. When Tandy naively accepted an invitation for shelter from a strange man, Tyrone went along to protect her. The two ended up in the clutches of chemist Simon Marshall, who used them to test new drugs. Tandy and Tyrone managed to escape, but found that they had gained strange light and darkness powers. Renaming themselves Cloak and Dagger, the duo declared a war of drugs.

Before the X-Men: Cloak and Dagger started off as merciless vigilantes, but tried to adopt a gentler path after encountering heroes like Spider-Man, the Power Pack, and the New Mutants. Dagger would occasionally venture out independently, establishing connections with various superheroes like the New Warriors and Marvel Knights, much to the chagrin of Cloak. Cloak and Dagger join Captain America’s side during the superhero Civil War, with Cloak playing an instrumental role in teleporting both sides out of the Negative Zone. Cloak and Dagger were recruited by Norman Osborn to join his “Dark X-men,” and Emma Frost later invites them to join the real X-men.

Her Deal: Cloak and Dagger are one of the oldest interracial couples in comics. Dagger is the more outgoing of the two. Dagger’s abilities allow her to act independently of Cloak, as her powers do not act like a sickness. In fact, if she does not use her powers regularly, they will overcome her.

Personality: As stated above, Dagger has a brighter personality than Cloak. She is more willing to work with others in the Superhero community, and generally wants to belong to a larger cause. She is, however, fiercely loyal to Cloak. She will always search for Cloak when he leaves her, and wants him to understand that she does not consider him a burden or a danger. She is with him because she loves him.

Fun Fact: Though speculated for years, Cloak and Dagger are not mutants.


First Appearance: Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (1982)


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