Powers: Interdimensional Transportation


What!?: He has darkness powers. He can teleport himself and other via a darkness dimension. He can also become intangible and feed on people’s souls

Origin: Tyrone Johnson, or Cloak, was a poor boy from South Boston with a debilitating stutter. At 17, Tyrone ran away from home after his stutter prevented him from saving his best friend’s life. Tyrone made it all the way to New York, where he met Tandy Bowen, who he considered mugging. The two, however, ended up becoming friends. When Tandy’s naively accepted an invitation for shelter from a strange man, Tyrone went along to protect her. The two ended up in the clutches of chemist Simon Marshall, who used them to test new drugs. Tyrone survived, but found himself engulfed in darkness and hunger. Tandy, however, was likewise engulfed in light, which stayed Tyrone’s hunger. Adopting the name Cloak and Dagger, the duo declare a war on drugs.

Before the X-Men: Cloak and Dagger started off as merciless vigilantes, but tried to adopt a gentler path after encountering heroes like Spider-Man, the Power Pack, and the New Mutants. Tyrone spent much of their adventures struggling with the hunger his powers forced him to deal with, often leading him to temporarily leave Dagger. Cloak and Dagger join Captain America’s side during the superhero Civil War, and Cloak plays an instrumental role in teleporting both sides out of the Negative Zone. Cloak and Dagger are recruited by Norman Osborn to join his “Dark X-men,” and Emma Frost later invites them to join the real X-men.

His Deal: Cloak and Dagger are one of the oldest interracial couples in comics. Cloak is the more dependent of the two, largely due to the nature of his powers. His powers also make him very dangerous, requiring him to feed on either human energy or Dagger’s light force.

Personality: Cloak’s life has been one of struggling through disability. Being born with a stutter, Cloak developed into an insecure person. Cloak often internalizes most of his problems and concerns. This has led him to run away as a form of self-punishment, especially after he gained his powers. Cloak fears that his powers are a burden to Dagger, but he also fears that his powers are the only thing keeping Dagger close to him. Cloak usually has a reserved and well-spoken demeanor.

Fun Fact: Cloak and Dagger’s powers come from a form of heroin


First Appearance: Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (1982)


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