Powers: Probability-Manipulation


What!?: She’s lucky.

Origin:¬†Neena Beatrice Thurman, or Domino, is the only survivor of a government sponsored super soldier breeding experiment. Domino managed to escape the experiment and became a mercenary. On her travels she met Dr. Milo Thurman, whom she fell in love with and got married. Unfortunately, the two were separated after a military attack. Domino then joined the mercenary group Six Pack, and became intimate with the groups leader, Cable. During a mission against Cable’s evil clone Stryfe, Cable was forced to abandon Six Pack, leading Domino to leave the group. When Cable reformed the New Mutants as X-Force, Domino seemingly joined the team.

Before the X-men: This was actually an imposter, as the real Domino was being held captive by Six Pack’s old contractor, Mr. Tulliver. When Cable learned of the real Domino’s fate, he set out to rescue her. With his help, Domino was able to escape and joined X-Force and Cable’s request. Domino became X-Force’s de facto leader due to Cable’s frequent travels. Domino eventually left X-Force and found her half-brother, the final result of the super soldier breeding program. Domino was forced to kill her biological mother to save her brother’s life. Domino then reformed Six Pack, and was tasked to bring down Cable, who has just created the Utopian nation of Providence. However, she actually joins forces with Cable and even helps him depose a dictator in Rimekistan.

After the M-Day Decimation, while the super hero community was in the mist of a Civil War, Domino leads a new “X-Force” to free the imprisoned 198, the last surviving mutants in the world. She briefly joins Cable until the destruction of Providence. She later joins Wolverine’s X-Force. She become’s an X-man during the Norman Osborn’s “Dark Reign” as S.H.I.E.L.D. director, as part of the counter attack on Osborn’s own mutant team.

Her Deal: For a long time, Domino was presented as Cable’s girlfriend. She was later fleshed out as a mercenary with questionable alliances. Due to her skills and mutant luck powers, she is one of the most dangerous women in the world. She has the most history with X-Force, and has led the team on various occasions. She has had a sexual relationship with Wolverine, and a long time relationship with Cable.

Personality: Like her powers suggest, Domino is a wild card. Her love for danger and excitement are only matched by her deadly skills. Unlike Cable, Domino recognizes the thrill of mercenary life, and generally enjoys what she does. It’s not to say that she does not also recognize the harsher aspects of her profession. If need be, Domino will even kill the people she cares about the most. She has even tried to assassinate Cable on numerous occasions, despite their romantic past. She does, however, have a sentimental side, as the names “Domino” and “Beatrice Thurman” both comes from her late husband.

Fun Fact: Domino is afraid of Chickens


First Appearance: New Mutants #98 (1991)


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