Namor the Sub-Mariner

Powers: Homo-mermanus DNA and Flight


What!?: He’s super strong, can breath underwater, and his mutant ability is flying

Origin: Namor McKenzie, or Namor the Submariner, was the child of a ship boat captain Leonard McKenzie and Princess Fen of Atlantis. Fen had originally been sent to spy on McKenzie and his crew, but the two fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, McKenzie and his crew were killed by Atlantean warriors on counts of kidnapping the Princess. Namor grew up in Atlantis, and was raised to be mistrustful of surface dwellers. When sea divers were mistaken for invaders, the young prince launched an assault on New York, leading to a fight with the Original Human Torch. However, Namor would join the surface dwellers during World War II after Nazis’ attacked Atlantis, often teaming up with the Human Torch and Captain America.

Before the X-men: After the war, Namor lost his memories, and spend years as a derelict in New York. Namor regained his memory thanks to Johnny Storm, the second Human Torch. Unfortunately, Namor discovered that the Atlantis was destroyed by nuclear testing, and launched another attack on New York, only to be stopped by the Fantastic Four. Though Namor was able to find his people again, he still sought to destroy the surface. He was often opposed by the Fantastic Four, and developed romantic feelings for Susan Storm. Namor also had brief encounters with the Avengers, and even fought along side Magneto for a time.

Namor later joined forces with the Avengers, though his attitude remained a problem. He has more success as a member of the Defenders, and team with looser regulations. Namor spent many years balancing his loyalty to his people with his super hero career, with one side often acting detrimental to the other. It was later revealed that Namor was a part of the Illuminati, a secret group of select superheros, such as Mr. Fantastic, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, and Professor X. He left the group after his disagreement with the Superhuman Registration Act and the exile of the Hulk.

Namor’s cousin was killed by the villain Nitro in the Stamford explosing, the catalyst for the Superhero Civil War. Namor sided with Captain America during the war, which caused him to lose allies after Captain America surrendered. This would haunt Namor after his long lost son and Nitro invaded Altantis, forcing Namor and his people to evacuate. Namor the formed an alliance with Doctor Doom, who had been the only person to offer any sort of assistance. Along side Loki, Norman Osborn, the Hood, and Emma Frost, Doom and Namor formed the secret organization called the Cabal. It was here that Namor formed a secret pact with Emma Frost. She agreed to help Namor kill Sebastian Shaw, a mortal enemy of Namor, in exchange for Namor swearing to protect mutants everywhere.

After dealing with Shaw, Namor is betrayed by Norman Osborn, causing Namor and Frost to leave the Cabal. Frost, along with the X-men, moves to Utopia, an new Island nation outside San Francisco. Namor agrees to retrofit Utopia, as it would also serve as a new home for his people. Thus, New Atlantis was built beneath the mutant Utopia, and Namor informally joins the X-men.

His Deal: Namor is one of the oldest Marvel Superheroes, along side Captain America and the Human Torch. His fight against the Original Human Torch in Marvel Mystery #9 (1940) is considered one of the most important comics in Marvel history. It is also considered the first major comic cross-over. Namor is an Anti-Hero, who has always walked the fine line between Heroic and Villainous. He has fought and been a member of various superhero groups, notably the Avengers, The Fantastic Four, and The X-men. He is the former lover of Emma Frost and long time admirer of Susan Storm. He is often billed as “Marvel’s First Mutant.”

Personality: Namor often comes across as arrogant and prideful, a result of his royal upbringing. He is also known for his great temper, which was later revealed to be caused by his human-atlantean metabolism. Namor has a complicated relationship with the surface. Being raised in Atlantis, Namor was taught to resent the surface for their pollution and exploitation of the sea. However, since he is half-human, a part of him holds some attachment for the surface. Many women also finds Namor very attractive due to his forceful demeanor, which Namor is quite aware of. Namor has no problem flirting with otherwise attached women, and has famously chased after Susan Storm for years, despite her marriage to Reed Richards and two children.

Fun Fact: Namor was the first person to find Captain America frozen in ice, and was indirectly responsible for the Avengers finding him.


First Appearance: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly  (1939)

Greatest Crime: Drowned the country of Wakanda under the influence of the Phoenix


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