Powers: Interdimensional and temporal Teleportation. Demonic Sorcery. 


What!?: She can teleport via a demonic dimension, which she rules. She is magically stronger while in her realm. She also posses a magic sword called the Soulsword.

Origin: Illyana Rasputin, or Magik, was born on a poor Russian farm in Siberia. She had two older brothers Mikhail and Piotr. As a child, she is saved from a runaway tractor by her brother’s mutant ability. At the age of six, Illyana was kidnapped by Belasco, the demon lord of Limbo. He planed on using Illyana’s corrupted soul to form of Bloodstones to free himself and the Elder God’s he served and invade Earth. Illyana was rescued by alternate versions of Storm and Shadowcat, whose’s own Illyana had been rescued at the cost of the X-men’s lives. They trained Illyana in good magic and combat. The three attempted to kill Belasco, but where defeated, and Illyana became his apprentice once again. After the deaths of her closest friends, Illyana used her own lifeforce to create the Soulsword, and defeated Belasco. At the age of 13, she finally returned home. 

Before the X-men: Illyana joined the New Mutants, having discovered that only seconds had passed on Earth, while years had passed in Limbo. Much of her time was spent fighting for control of Limbo, as well has her own demonic self. When Belasco’s former apprentice N’Atrirh worked with Madelyne Pryor to engulf the world in demons, Illyana used all her powers to return the demons to hell, which caused her to revert back into a child. Sadly, this young Illyana would become the fist person to contract the Legacy Virus, causing her brother to abandon the X-men. Years later, the Belasco resurrected Illyana using her Bloostones, but she did not have a soul. When Belasco tried to use the young mutant Pixie’s soul instead, Illyana intervened, though she herself would try to use Pixie’s soul to become more powerful. Illyana returned to the X-men and joined the reformed New Mutants after claiming she had seen the future and that they needed her help.

Her Deal: Illyana is the lost-innocence character in the X-men. Her life in Hell, her death from the Legacy Virus, her fight to regain her soul, all showcase her forced fall from grace. She’s sister to Colossus, former best friends of Kitty Pryde, and holds Storm in high regard. She also has a complicated relationship with Pixie. She is the most magically inclined X-man, though she is more powerful in her Hell Dimension. She is the second Russian X-man. She was the first mutant to die from the Legacy Virus. She is also the most Metal member of the X-men.

Personality: Illyana was originally a very sweet girl, but her years in demonic Limbo literally twisted her soul into something darker. As Magik, Illyana is manipulative, cunning, ruthless, and sometimes even cruel. Illyana hates her demonic side, and has gone to extraordinary lengths to regain her soul. She does, however, understand her responsibility as ruler of Limbo, seeing herself as a sort of warden. She is very single-minded, and prefers to deal with her problems on her own, even if it means putting others in danger. Illyana also considers herself damned, and does not view herself as someone worth saving. She even tricked her brother into becoming the Juggernaut entity in order to teach him what being corrupted truly feels like and to finally force him to stop caring about with her.

Fun Fact: Illyana’s demonic form is called Darkchylde


First Appearance: Giant Sized X-man #1 (1975)

Death: Illyana died from the Legacy Virus after being turned back into a 6 year old.

Greatest Crime: Being the demonic leader of Limbo, whose negative energies turned her into a ruthless and selfish individual.


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