Madison Jeffries (Box)

Powers: Technokinetic


What!?: He can mentally manipulate glass, plastic, and metal. He also has a robot suit named Box.

Origin: Madison Jeffries, sometimes known as Box, served with his brother in the Army, as a mechanic and medic respectively. However, unlike Madison, his brother Lionel loved to use his mutant ability to manipulate organic matter. When their unit was heavily damaged, Lionel tried to use his mutant ability to revive the dead, and went mad. Madison was forced to use his own powers to stop him, putting him in a psychiatric ward.

Before the X-men: Madison returned home, but his trauma overseas caused him to lose control of his powers. Madison was taken in by Wolverine and checked him into a clinic where he met Roger Bochs, who was working on the Box robot. Eventually both where recruited into Alpha Flight. Madison’s brother Lionel later returned, and used his powers to drive Boch’s insane, and merged with him, calling himself Omega. Madison was forced to use the Box suit to destroy them. Madison eventually married long-time love interest Diamond Lil, and retired from Alpha Flight.

Madison rejoined Alpha Flight after it was reformed, stating that he may have an addiction to the Box robot and adventuring. During a fight, Madison was kidnapped and brainwashed by the villainous organization Zodiac. Madison was then brainwashed by Weapon X, who made him create and maintain their Neverland mutant concentration camps, where his wife was among the prisoners. After Weapon X collapses Madison adopts a life of seclusion. It is here that Beast asks Madison to join his X-men Science team.

His Deal: Madison was the resident mechanic for Alpha Flight. He is the forth Canadian X-man. He’s had a long and complicated relationship with his superhero career. It has even been portrayed as a real addiction. He’s long time love interest is Diamond Lil.

Personality: Though Madison has had a long superhero career, he initially did not want to even use his own powers. His nerves did not allow him to deal with high stress situations well. He was able to find peace working on the Box robot. However, this eventually evolved into an obsession. His need for machines serves as an emotional wall between him and his loved ones.

Fun Fact: Madison’s first team was not Alpha Flight, but the third tier Gamma Flight.


First Appearance: Alpha Flight #16 (1984)

Greatest Crime: Working for the Neverland mutant Concentration Camp as Chief Technician


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