Doctor Nemesis

Powers: Instinctive Intuition


What!?: He’s naturally smart at everything, and has genetically modified himself with a long life.

Origin: James Bradley, or Doctor Nemesis, is the co-creator of the Original Human Torch. He also served as a masked crime fighter in the early 1940’s, and even created his own android named Volton. Shortly after, Nemesis joined Battle-Axis, a Nazi supervillain team dedicated to forcing the United States out of WWII. Under the name of Dr. Death, he had intended to cause a major earthquake, but was defeated by the superhero team, the Invaders. Forced to flee to New York, Nemesis repented and dedicated his life to crime fighting and hunting down Nazi superscientists. Decades later, Nemesis was found by Beast, who invited him to join his team of scientists hoping to reverse the M-Day Decimation.

His Deal: Doctor Nemesis is a reimagined version of a Golden Age crime-fighter. He’s even been retooled as the co-creator of Marvel’s original superhero, the Human Torch. His powers are very similar to the X-men Forge’s. He usually only worked in Beast’s science team. He is one of the oldest X-men.

Personality: Due to his mutant power, Nemesis is a genius. He is very proud of his intellect, though this often makes him seem arrogant. His pride even caused him to join the Nazi’s during World War Two, as he felt under appreciated in the United States. Nemesis loves science, and is enamoured with the idea of discovery and experimentation. He values his identity as a scientist above all else, though he often acts more like an adventurer.

Fun Fact: Doctor Nemesis did not legally belong to Marvel until 1993


First Appearance: Lighting Comics #6 (1941)

Death: Doctor Nemesis died in his last fight with the Invaders

Greatest Crime: Fighting along side the Nazi Party during WWII


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