Powers: Geothermal Manipulation


What!?: She has lava powers.

Origin: Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla, or Magma, was born in Nova Roma, a secret Roman colony in the Amazon Rainforest. Her father helped run the colony, and was locked in a power struggle with the witch Selene.  However, fearing for her life, Amara’s father sent her to live in the rainforest for her own safety. It is here where she meets the New Mutants, who return her to Nova Roma. Unfortunately, Selene captures Amara and throws her into a volcano, where her mutant powers manifest. Together with the New Mutants, Amara is able to defeat Selene. At her father’s urging, Amara agrees to go to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngster’s.

Before the X-Men: Amara also joins the New Mutants, where she developed a troubling crush on the rival Hellion Empath, even going so far as to leave the New Mutants for the Hellions. She later learned that Selene may or may not be her ancestor.  Amara returns to Nova Roma at her father’s request, along side Empath. This actually saved them from the Hellion slaughter at the hands of Trevor Fitzroy. It is then revealed that Nova Roma is not a Roman colony, but an illusion made up by Selene, and later maintained by Empath, that trapped British citizens in Brazil.

Amara shows up later as a member of the New Hellions, and then later still as a crucified victim of the Purifiers. Though saved from death thanks to a blood transfusion from Angel, Amara is left in a coma. She is then forcibly awoken by the young mutants Elixir and Hellion, and destroys the infirmary in shock. She is found by Cannonball, who convinces her to join the X-men.

Her Deal: Amara was the stuck-up member of the New Mutants, and one of the two members to actively experiment with good and evil. She is the only member of the New Mutants to voluntarily join the Hellions. Due to her confusing heritage, she is either the Second Brazilian, First Italian, or fifth British member of the X-men. She has been romantically linked with Empath, and Sunspot.

Personality: Amara initially experienced culture shock when first joining the New Mutants. Her refusal to abandon or apologize for her higher-class upbringing made her feel like an outcast among the New Mutants. These feeling are what eventually led her to join the Hellions, whom she did not view as necessarily evil. This identity confusion followed Amara throughout her life, whether it be from finding out the Selene is her ancestor, or that Nova Roma was a lie. Also, like most fire-based mutants, Amara seems to be very emotional with a short temper.

Fun Fact: Amara once dated Mephisto, Marvel Comic’s version of the Devil.


First Appearance: New Mutants #8 (1983)

Greatest Crime: Joining the New Hellions in a moment of identity crisis


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