Powers: Kinetic Manipulation at the Atomic Level


What!?: She’s so fast, that she can make herself fly.

Origin: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, or Aurora, is the twin sister of Jean Paul Beaubier, but the two where separated in infancy after their parents death. Jeanne-Marie grew up in an orphanage, becoming a very shy and anxious person. Her nerves soon got to the point of making Jeanne-Marie suicidal, and at 13 she attempted to kill herself. However, her mutant powers manifested, causing her to fly to safety. Believing this to be divine intervention, Jeanne-Marie told her orphanage’s head mistress about it, leading to a beating for blasphemy. Traumatized, Jeanne-Marie developed second personality, one that was more assertive and aggressive. Since she could not remember what this second personality ever did, Jeanne-Marie learned to repress it.

Before the X-men: Jeanne-Marie soon became a teacher at the orphanage, and her joy let loose her second personality. While celebrating, muggers attacked, but she was able to fend them off. Wolverine was impressed with her skills, and asked her to join the soon to be developed Alpha Flight. It was here that she met her long lost brother, Northstar. After Alpha Flight was disbanded, Jeanne-Marie battled with her dissociative identity disorder for years. This strain caused her to overact to her teammate Wildheart’s departure to X-Factor, even going so far as attempting to kill him. Aurora briefly became the hostage of Weapon X, whose director controlled her through physical abuse. Aurora was only able to escape by created yet another personality.

Aurora’s personalities soon agreed that her mental instability called for another suicide attempt, but was stopped by Northstar, who was being controlled by the Children of the Vault. The Children of the Vault take control of Aurora as well. The two are defeated by the X-men, and are handed over to SHIELD. Together, Aurora and Northstar are able to heal each other. Aurora joins the X-men right after this, during the Skrull Invasion.

Her Deal: Aurora is the twin sister of Nortstar, the third Canadian to join the X-men, and a founding member of Alpha Flight. She also suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personalities, and has since her inception. Her love interest is Wildheart.

Her personality: Growing up in a very strict orphanage, Aurora developed a nervous and repressed personality. This would become the base for her Jeanne-Marie identity. When her mutant powers manifested, Aurora developed a more assertive and outgoing personality. This would become the base for her Aurora identity. Both identities are independent and separate from one another, and put a large strain on her fragile psyche. Aurora has also occasionally created other personas, usually to get her out of an extreme situation. Aurora is also suicidal, having decided upon it twice, but never succeeding.

Fun Fact: Aurora is deeply religious


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #120 (1979)

Greatest Crime: Attempting to kill her teammate Wildheart


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