Powers: Photosynthetic Conversion


What!?: He absorbs sunlight that gives him super strength. He later learned to fly and shot fire balls.

Origin: Robert da Costa, or Sunspot, is the son of a wealthy Brazilian business man. At the age of fourteen, Sunspot’s powers manifested during a soccer game. Sunspot is kidnapped by Donald Pierce of the Hellfire Club, but is rescued by Danielle Moonstar and Karma. Unfortunately, Sunspot’s girlfriend had also been kidnapped, and she dies protecting Sunspot from a stray bullet.  Sunspot joins the newly formed New Mutants along side his rescuers, and even managed to fall in love with an alien named Gosamyr, but leaves the team after they reform as X-ForceSunspot returns to Brazil and is mentored by Gideon, an immortal mutant who believes that Sunspot may be immortal as well.

Before the X-Men: Shortly after this, a new villain named Reignfire surfaces, with an appearance and powers greatly resembling Sunspot. He is later revealed to be Sunspot’s evil clone who momentarily corrupted Sunspot. Sunspot agrees to join X-Force after this, and it is during this time that he is approached by the witch Selene to become a member of the Hellfire Club, like his father before him. Sunspot agrees, as Selene promises to resurrect his dead girlfriend. Sunspot becomes Selene’s Black Rook, and eventually rises all the way to Lord Imperial. In this new position, Sunspot becomes the target of Donald Pierce, who tricks a young band of X-men trainee’s to attack him. Sunspot leaves the Hellfire Club after this, and joins the X-men in San Francisco.

His Deal: Sunspot was the New Mutant’s loose-cannon. His fiery temper and youth made him very volatile at times. He is the X-men’s first Brazilian member, and first South American member. He is also one of the X-men’s many CEO members, along side Angel and Emma Frost. He is best friends with Cannonball. He has flirted with his fellow New Mutant Magma.

Personality: As stated above, Sunspot was very quick to anger in his youth. Sunspot was very prideful, and often let his emotions get the best of him. He can sometimes be considered arrogant as well. His years with the New Mutants, however, have made him more mature. Sunspot is also a noted flirt, along the lines of Nigthcrawler and Gambit, though he tends to genuinely fall in love with the women he’s involved with. Sunspot is very knowledgeable, being proficient in business administration and several languages.

Fun Fact: Sunspot was an Olympic Level soccer player at 14


First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4: The New Mutants (1982)  

Greatest Crime: Thought to be Reingfire, an immensely powerful tyrant


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