Powers: Possession


What!?: She can take over a person’s mind and body

Origins: Xi’an Coy Mamh, or Karma, was born to a Vietnamese Colonel who was forced to take his family along on missions. Xian’s twin brother, Tran, was taken in by her corrupt uncle, General Nguyen Ngoc Coy. Xian’s father was killed in one of these missions, forcing Xian, her mother, and her two younger siblings to try to make it to safety on a boat to America. The boat was pillaged by pirates, who sexually assaulted Xian and her mother. Xian’s mother did not make the trip to the US, leaving Xian to care for her younger brother and sister.

Before the X-Men: In New York, Xian’s siblings were kidnapped by her uncle, who hoped to use her abilities along with her twin Tran’s to bolster the Vietnamese army. With the help of Spider-man, the Fantastic Four, and Professor X, Xian managed to rescue her siblings, but was forced to absorb her twin brother’s consciousness. Xian became the first recruit/student for Professor X’s New Mutants class, and also became the school’s secretary.  Taking the name Karma, Xian led the New Mutants team for a time, but was separated from them and became the unwilling host of the villainous Shadow King. Though Karma was eventually able to defeat the Shadow King, he’s time in her body left her morbidly obese with a rampant criminal record. She only lost her weight after a New Mutant encounter with the god Loki stranded her in an extra-dimensional desert.

After returning form Asgard, Karma found her siblings missing once again. Having exhausted her resources, Karma reluctantly agreed to work for her Uncle in exchange for help. She left her Uncle after realizing he had no intention of helping her, but eventually did find her siblings with the help of Cannonball and Beast. Karma moved her siblings to Chicago, becoming a librarian of the University of Chicago, coming out as a lesbian, and befriending Kitty Pryde. Karma returned to the Xavier Institute after it reopened, becoming it’s librarian and mentor to student too young to receive official training. She does not become an official X-man, however, until after the M-Day Decimation, when the X-men’s move to San Francisco.

Her Deal: Karma was the first New Mutant, as well as the New Mutant’s first leader, and the second Woman to lead an X-team. She was also one of the first major lesbian characters in main stream comics. She is the first Vietnamese mutant to join the X-men. Her character was originally rooted in the consequences of the Vietnam War.She has an unrequited crush on Kitty Pryde.

Personality: Being the oldest New Mutant with two younger siblings to look after, Karma has always been presented as the most mature New Mutant. Karma has tremendous inner strength, possibly more than any other X-man, having survived her youth in war torn Vietnam, her sexual assault on the boat to America, raising her young brother and sister before she was even twenty, and being a New Mutant. The only time Karma succumbed to depression was after being possessed by the Shadow King, an entity she was able to mentally defeat. Karma also has a soft spot for children, and is very protective of them, possibly due to her own lost childhood. Though usually calm, Karma can get enraged by her memories in Vietnam.

Fun Fact: Through a series of events, Karma has become a Billionaire. She also has a robotic leg.


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #100 (1980)

Greatest Crime: Being possessed by the Shadow King and ruling an international crime organization


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