Powers: Insect like wings, hallucinatory dust, and Magically adept


What!?: She looks like fairy/pixie, and can use magic, including her own enchanted weapon, the Souldagger

Origin: Megan Gwynn, or Pixie, is a Welsh mutant and daughter to the villainous Mastermind, though she did not discover this until her mid teens. She is one of the few students at the new Xavier Institute to not lose her powers after the M-Day Decimation, put she was unable to qualify for X-man training. Pixie is later sucked into the demonic realm of Limbo, along with many of her classmates, and meets the former New Mutant Magik. Being the most innocent, Magik offers to use Pixie’s soul to create a Soulsword and Bloodstones, which would grant her great power and help her and her classmates survive. The process, however, is interrupted, leaving Pixie with only one Bloodstone and a Souldagger, and the ability to teleport. Pixie is promoted to the New X-men team for her bravery in Limbo, and helped in the battle for the mutant Messiah. When the X-men relocate to San Francisco, Pixie is taken with them, becoming an official member.

Her Deal: Pixie is the predominant magic user of the X-men, second only to Magik in skill. She is also the teams primary teleporter after the death of Nightcrawler. She is the second Xavier Institute student to become a full-fledged X-man. She is also the forth English mutant to join the team, after Psylocke, Ravanche, and Chamber. She is also the half-sister of the former X-men Lady Mastermind.

Personality: Pixie is a very cheerful girl and is considered extremely friendly. It was in fact this very “innocence” that cost her parts of her soul. Since then, Pixie is slightly more prone to anger, especially while using her Souldagger, and has a complicated relationship with Magik, who torn her soul originally. Initially, Pixie tended to get nervous when in trouble, and even wore a helmet while flying. She has since gained more experience and confidence in her abilities, but she is still prone to the occasional gaffe.

Fun Fact: Pixie once had a crush on Cyclops


First Appearance: New X-men: Academy #5 (2004)


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