Powers: Above average strength, reflexes, and senses


What!?: She has alien cat powers

Origins: Hepzibah is an alien from the planet Tryl’sart. She was imprisoned on the planet Alsibar, but was freed by the man known as Corsair,  along side other prisoners. The escapees formed the space pirate crew known as the Starjammers, with Corsair as Captain and Hepzibah as first mate. The Starjammers and Hepzibah often had encounters with the X-men, usually in some adventure involving the Shi’ar Empire. On one such encounter, Corsair died at the hands of the insane mutant Vulcan, and Hepzibah was accidentally sent to Earth by the Shi’ar Queen Lilandra, who had hoped to save the X-men from Vulcan’s wrath. Stranded, Hepzibah  joined the X-men.

Her Deal: Hepzibah was the Starjammer’s second in command and only female member. She is also the love interest of Corsair. She later becomes involved in Warpath after Corsair’s death. She is the fifth non-mutant to join the team, and the second alien.

Personality: Being a alien to Earth, Hepzibah has a much looser attitude to many things. For example, she mourned Corsair’s death, but quickly moved on to Warpath due to their mutual attraction. She is more inclined to follow her instincts and impulses, and can be described as vivacious.

Fun Fact: Hepzibah originally looked more like a skunk


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #107 (1977)


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