Powers: Psionic Exoskeleton 


What!?: Can generate Full Body Armor. Gives her super strength and durability.

Origins: Hisako Ichiki, or Armor, was a Japanese mutant student at the Xavier Institute. Her best friend, Wing, committed suicide due to losing his powers after an attack from the alien Ord of the Breakworld, and from being taunted by the newly sentient being Danger. Ord and Danger later attack the Xavier Institute together, resulting in the duo, the X-men, and Hisako all being transported by the agency S.W.O.R.D. to a space ship headed for Breakworld. Requiring all the help they can get, the X-men make Hisako a full fledged member of the team.

Her Deal: Hisako is the X-men’s second Japanese mutant. She is also one of the many X-men to become Wolverine’s side-kick, along side Shadowcat, Jubilee, and X-23. She is also the first student of the new Xavier Institute to join the team.

Personality: Ever since her powers manifested, Armor has always wanted to be an X-man. Though she accomplished her goal much sooner than planned, Armor has tried her hardest to live up to the responsibility. Still, being a teenageer, she is prone to snarky remarks on occasions. She is not one for vengeance, as she forgave Danger for killing her friend Wing after she admitted feeling remorse over it.  Armor does not have a close relationship with her father, partly explaining why she was drawn to Wolverine.

Fun Fact: In an alternate time line, Armor is the leader of the X-men


First Appearance: Astonishing X-men #4 (2004)


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