Omega Sentinel (Karima)

Powers: Sentinel Nanite Technology


What!?: She’s a cyborg (half-human, half-robot) specifically designed to hunt mutants

Origins: Karima Shapandar, or Omega Sentinel, was a Indian detective hired by the Shaara family to find their son Neal. Neal managed to convince her to join him, but the two where captured by the Sentinel Bastion, who intended to transform them into Prime Sentinels, human’s infused with robotics to capture and kill mutants. Neal’s newly manifested powers allow him to escape, but Karima was not so lucky. At her urging, Neal left Karima before her new programming forced her to hurt him. Karima eventually finds her way to the destroyed island of Genosha, and her programming is disabled by Professor X and Magneto. Karima guards Genosha for a time, but is later found by the X-men disassembled. Beast manages to rebuild her, and Rouge recruits her .

Her Deal: Karima was Neal Shaara’s first love interest. As a sentinel, she represent’s the X-men’s greatest challenge. A creation fueled by humanity’s hatred that has the potential to destroy humans and mutants alike. Our own humanity willingly lost due to our own fears. She is the second Indian to join the X-men.

Personality: Karima was shown to be very brave and selfless when she fought the sentinel programming to save Neal Shaara’s life. Karima is at a constant mental struggle against her Sentinel Programming. She had dedicated her life to protecting people, but her body is a living weapon.

Fun Fact: Karima was put in a coma when she lost control of her Sentinel side


First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited #27 (2000)

Greatest Crime: Losing control and attempting to kill the X-Men


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