Powers: Animalistic physical attributes and a healing factor


What!?: He’s got fur, razor-sharp teeth and claws, increased speed and strength, and enhanced sight, hearing, and smell. He can also heal himself.

Origins: Victor Creed’s, or Sabertooth’s, early life remains largely a mystery due to his tampered memories. Most accounts depict Creed murdering one or both of his parents after chaining him up for his bestial appearance. At some point, Creed joins Team X, a CIA covert ops team, along side Wolverine. Also like Wolverine, Creed becomes part of the Weapon X program, losing many of his memories as a result. He subsequently becomes a mercenary with a reputation for viciousness. He fights many superheroes during this time, most notably Iron First and Spider-Man

Before The X-Men: Sabertooth eventually meets Gambit, whose fiance he would later kill, and is recruited for the villainous Mr. Sinestor’s Mauraders. The group’s most infamous act was the Mutant Massacre, where he fights a now amnesiac Wolverine. After these events, Sabertooth once again travels the world, occasionally fighting with superheros. Sabertooth’s bloodlust becomes too much for even himself to control, leading him to attack Professor X. Xavier, reading Creed’s mind, believes he can be rehabilitated, and keeps him prisoner. Creed manages to escape, but is stabbed by Wolverine, which seemingly turns him into a helpless animal, but actually cured him of his uncontrollable bloodlust.

Sabertooth is defeated, and is turned over to the government sponsored X-Factor. This too ends with his escape. Some time later, Sabertooth finds himself the target of The Children, a group of superhumans. He goes to the Xavier Institute, who had just declared itself a sanctuary after the M-Day Decimation. Rouge allows him on her field team only because he has useful information against The Children, though he is essentially her prisoner.

His Deal: Sabertooth is Wolverine’s arch enemy. He is what Wolverine would be if he gave into his animalistic urges. Sabertooth views Wolverine as a lesser version of himself who is too cowardly to accept his true nature. He is considered one of the most dangerous and deadly X-man villain. He’s had a notable relationship with Mystique.

Personality: Sabertooth is a merciless and blood thirsty killer. He revels in the hunt and in torturing his prey right before the kill. In fact, his blood thirst can get so severe, that he can lose control over his own mind and body. Even Sabertooth, with the number of horrible acts he’s committed, acknowledges this fault. Sabertooth’s arrogance and vicious nature often cause other’s to underestimate his intelligence and try to control him. However, Sabetooth is very intelligent and has years of experience, especially in the art of psychological manipulation.

Fun Fact: Sabertooth was originally supposed to be Wolverine’s father


First Appearance: Iron First #14 (1977)

Death: Sabertooth died when he was beheaded by Wolverine with a magic sword

Greatest Crime: A lifetime of killling, maiming, and torture


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