Powers: Superhuman


What?!: Enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, and senses.

Origins: James Proudstar, or Warpath, is an Apache Native American and brother to John Proudstar, a founding member of the second generation of X-men. James blamed the X-men for his brother’s death, and swore he would kill Professor X. To that end, James joined Emma Frost’s Hellions, an evil version of the New Mutants. While James did succeed in drawing Professor X out, he was unable to bring himself to kill him. His lust for vengeance gone, James returned home, found his entire tribe murdered. James joins the militant X-Force, believing that the Hellions killed his tribe to punish his desertion. He later finds out that it was actually the villain Stryfe that orchestrated the massacre. James joins the X-men after the M-Day Decimation, receiving a personal invitation from Professor X.

His Deal: Warpath was a consequence to one of the X-men’s earliest mistakes. The death of Thunderbird had always weighted heavy on the hearts of the X-men, so it was difficult for them to argue with Warpath’s assertions of accountability. Warpath is the fourth Native American to join the X-men. He is the also the sixth sibling legacy member (Cyclops/Havok, Cannonball/Husk, Nightcrawler/Rouge, Rachel Grey/Cable, Lifeguard/Sliptream). He’s flirted with Syrin. He’s had a relationship with Hepzibah.

 Personality: Warpath spent much of his youth mired in anger over the death of his brother. He is, however, one of the few X-men to come to terms with that anger. Warpath has accepted Thunderbird’s death, recognizing his brother’s faults. He nevertheless still respects his brother. Warpath’s growth came via Cable’s X-Force, which taught him the value of comradery, and Wolverine’s X-Force, which showed him he was no longer the same angry young man he once was.

Fun Fact: Warpath is one of only two surviving members of the original Hellions


First Appearance: New Mutants #16 (1984)

Greatest Crime: Leader of the Hellions, the young mutant team of the Hellfire Club’s White Queen


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