Powers: Shapeshifting


What!?: She can become anyone.

Origins: Raven Darkholme, or Mystique, has a long and mysterious past. At some point during the dawn of the 20th Century, she met and fell in love with Irene Adler, also known as Destiny. The two traveled together for decades. Raven gives birth to two boys during the later part of the century, Grayson Creed and the X-men Nightcrawler, but abandons them both as infants. Sometime after this, Raven finds a young Rouge and takes her in, convinced by Destiny that she is important. The three become a very close family.

Before the X-men: Raven eventually forms her own version of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and famously tried to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly, which would have created a hellish future. She is stopped by the X-men. Rouge joins the brotherhood shortly after, allowing the team to even beat the Avengers. But during a fight with Ms. Marvel, Rouge permanently absorbs her powers and personality. The strain on her psyche forces Rouge to run away and seek help from Professor X. Though Raven begrudgingly accepts Rouge’s decision, she is left resentful of Professor X and the X-men. Raven briefly becomes employed by the U.S. government, renaming the brotherhood “Freedom Force,” but ends her tenure when her lover Destiny died.

Mystique is captured by Forge months later under government orders, and is forced to join the now federally sponsored X-Force. Her time with X-Force forced her to become involved in an anti-mutant conspiracy in which her son Grayson Creed played a major part of. His death led to a violent wave of anti-mutant sentiment, putting an end to X-Force. Mystique suffers as mental breakdown when her powers momentarily shut down, allowing the government to capture her and destroy all her alternate identities and bank accounts. This is worsened by Rouge’s indifference to her mother’s plight, souring their relationship further. Upon learning that her lover Destiny had helped create the conspiracy she had been fighting against, Raven goes mad.

With her sanity gone, Raven reforms the Brotherhood of Mutants and once again tries to assassinate Robert Kelley. This fails, leading Raven to go to the laboratory of Moira Mactaggert, steal her notes on the legacy virus, and kill MacTaggert in the process. Raven’s ultimate plan was to change the virus to affect humans as well as mutant, viewing humans as responsible for mutant suffering. She is stopped by Rouge, who stabs her mother in the back. Raven recovers ans is recruited by Professor X as a double agent, though this forced her to lie to Rouge, who finally disowns her mother due to her seemingly evil ways. Raven later infiltrates the X-men as “Foxx” and tries to seduce Gambit, who she believes is not good enough for Rouge. She is discovered and asks to join the X-men. She is voted in on a probationary basis.

Her Deal: Mystique is the one of the X-men’s most famous villains. Certainly the most famous female villain. He aptitude for espionage and manipulation make her a very dangerous enemy. She is one of the most prominent bi-sexual figures in American comics. He longest X-man romance was with Forge. She is mother to Nightcrawler and Rouge. She is also revealed to have had a very long and complicated history with Wolverine.

Personality: Mystique is incredibly cunning to say the least. Her years of experience have made her a master actress and strategist, allowing her to escape and/or profit from virtually any situation. Most are left second guessing about her true intentions. Though misguided, much of her criminal endeavors derived from a noble sentiment. Mystique originally wanted to make the world a better place for mutants. Mystique also tends to be viciously loyal to the few people she cares for, such as Destiny and Rouge. But years of lose and betrayals at the hands of her children and lovers broke her spirit. She has since adopted a more selfish mantra, consumed only with revenge and personal greed.

Fun Fact: Mystique once sent Wolverine to Hell


First Appearance: Ms. Marvel #16 (1978)

Died: Mystique died after being stabbed by Wolverine

Greatest Crime: Among other things, killing Moira Mactaggert and attempting to release the fatal Legacy Virus into the human population


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