Shen Xorn

Powers: A Black Hole for a Head


What!?: A Black Hole for a Head

Origins: Shen Xorn is the twin brother of the “original” Xorn, a Chinese mutant. When the X-men discovered him, Shen was held prisoner until his true identity was resolved. He later lost his powers during the M-Day Decimation.

His Deal: Shen Xorn was largely used as a literary device to explain why Magneto and Xorn were not the same person.

Personality: Much like his brother, Shen was presented as a calm man, soft spoken and polite. He was not one for combat, and did not join the teams active roster. Shen was more of a X-man by default, due to his imprisonment.

Fun Fact: The blackhole in Shen’s head leads to Mojoworld


First Appearance: X-men #157 (2004)


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