Powers: Avatar of the Demon Cyttorak


What!?: He is unstoppable and powered by chaos and destruction

Origin: Cain Marko, or the Juggernaut, is the step-brother of Charles Xavier. As a child, Cain was jealous of Xavier’s intelligence and a constant victim of his father’s abuse. As the two grew older, they joined the Army together. On their tour of duty,  Marko stumbled upon the temple of Cyttorak, where he found a Crimson Gem that gave him tremendous powers. Xavier thought his brother dead when the temple collapsed, but Marko reappeared years later as the Juggernaut to attack Xavier’s X-men. The young team barely survive the encounter. Marko battles many Marvel Heroes, though he does try to warn against the coming of the Onslaught entity. Marko manages to join the X-men via a long term scheme to destroy the team from the inside. However, when his long time friend Black Cassidy betrays him, Marko decides to reform with the X-men.

His Deal: The Juggernaut is one of the earliest X-men villains. He is also Xavier’s brother. He is often mistakenly thought of as a mutant, but his powers are based in magic. He is one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe, even holding his own against the Hulk and Thor. His best, and possible only friend, was Black Cassidy, cousin of Banshee.

Personality: Cain Marko is an extremely angry man. His father’s abuse fueled his rage, which he often took out on Xavier. The powers of the Juggernaut , in turn, allowed him take his rage out on the world. The Juggernaut entity makes Marko lose himself in rage, though he is able to control it better than other avatars. Marko by himself can be rather gruff, and is often characterized as a bully. He is capable of friendship, and can be very loyal to people he trusts. While Marko is extremely powerful, he has never tried to use his powers beyond personal wealth and vengeance. Even Xavier said he was grateful that the powers of the Cyttorak Gem was stuck in a man like Marko.

Fun Fact: The Juggernaut is a big fan of Dazzler


First Appearance: The X-men #12 (1965)

Greatest Crime: Trying to kill his step-brother Charles Xavier repeatedly


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