Powers: Epidermis Metamorphosis 


What!?: She can shed her skin to get stronger skin made of almost anything, like metal or energy

Origin: Paige Guthrie, or Husk, was born in a rural Kentucky mining community, and is the younger sister of Sam Guthrie, or Cannonball. She joined Generation X after her mutant powers manifested. She viewed the teenage team as a stepping stone for full X-man membership. She tried to develop a relationship with the mutant Chamber, but it was not to be. She does eventually join the X-men proper, and even begins a short relationship with long-time member Angel.

Her Deal: Paige was the resident type-A personality in Generation-X. This often made her seem like she was taking her time in Generation-X for granted. She is the second member of the Guthrie family to join the X-men. She is the also the forth southerner to join. She has had relationships with Chamber, Angel, and even the villainous Toad.

Personality: As stated above, Paige was presented as an overachieving and driven young woman. Ever since her brother became a mutant, it had been Paige’s dream to join the X-men and become the best member in history. Her constant desire to prove herself has also made her more self-conscious about her image. Unlike her brother, she very much minds being seen as a southern “hayseed.” In times of great stress, Husk will shed her skin, giving her a momentary reprieve from her worries. However, too much shedding causes her powers to lose uniformity, forcing her new skin and mental stability to become erratic.

Fun Fact: Paige is literally a Coal-miner’s daughter


First Appearance: New Mutants #42 (1986)


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