Powers: Kinetic Manipulation at the Atomic Level


What!?: He’s so fast, that he can even make himself fly

Origin: Jean-Paul Beaubier, or Northstar, was born in Montreal, Canada. His parents died in a car crash when he was very young, forcing him and his twin sister to separate. Jean-Paul grows up to become world-class skier, but the manifestation of his powers make the sport too boring for him. He briefly joins a terrorist organization out of youthful rebellion, but is disgusted by their actions. Jean-Paul instead opts to join Alpha Flight, a government sponsored team, and is reunited with his sister, know going by Aurora. Northstar briefly quits Alpha Flight after offending his sister, leading her to isolate him from the team. After rejoining, Northstar is forced to expose himself as a mutant in order to save a woman’s life, and is publicly shamed into giving away his skying medals on counts of cheating. Shortly after, Jean-Paul discovers and adopts a baby girl dying from AIDS. Her death inspired Northstar to openly declare his homosexuality in hopes of bringing more attention to HIV/AIDS prevention and research. Northstar become a member of Jean Grey’s X-men, formed to rescue Professor X from Magneto in Genosha. Northstar later become a teacher at the Xavier Institute, as well as an X-man.

His Deal: Northstar was the first openly gay superhero in American Comics. The monumental issue, Alpha Flight #106, sold out almost immediately. It is the only comic book to be inducted in the Gaylactic Hall of Fame. His marriage to his partner in 2012 also made him one of the few married superheroes in American Comics. He is also the second Canadian to ever join the team.

Personality: Jean-Paul is a very competitive man with a bit of a anger streak. Like most speepsters, it often seems that he is too impatient to be polite. He can often come off as rude or condescending. His deep seated anger has at times gotten the better of him, once making him join a terrorist organization, and once making him susceptible to mind control. He does not make friends easily, though he is very loyal to the friends he does have.

Fun Fact: The God Loki once told Northstar he was part Elf


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #120 (1979)

Death: Northstar died by being stabbed by a brainwashed Wolverine


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