Powers: Space-Time manipulation via Superstring control


What!?: He creates “Warp Waves,” worm holes that he travels using a surfboard

Origin: David Cameron, or Slipstream, was an Australian surfer living with his sister. One day, he and his sister are attacked by their father’s enemies, who is revealed to be a crime lord. The X-men intervene, and Sage tells David that he has a latent mutant ability not meant to manifest for another generation. David agrees to activate it in order to help his sister after she is kidnapped by aliens. David joins the X-men as Slipstream.

His Deal: Slipstream was the second official Australian member of the team. He is also another Marvel character with surfing based abilities. In a way, he can be seen as a lessor Silver Surfer.

Personality: Slipstream cares deeply for his sister. He kept her mutant abilities secret so that she would not lose her job. He agreed to jumpstart his own powers to help rescued her. In a sense, he does whatever he can not to lose her.

Fun Fact:┬áDavid left the team when he found out he and his sister may be half Shi’ar


Fist Appearance:X-Treme X-men #6 (2001)


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