Powers: Adaptation

2069742-lifeguard (1)

What!?: Any power, depending on the situation.

Origin: Heather Hudson, or Lifeguard, was a lifeguard and daughter to a crime lord in Australia. Her father’s rivals attack her and her brother, but they are saved by the X-men. During the attack, Heather’s powers manifested, prompting her to join the X-men.

Her Deal: Lifeguard was the first official Australian member of the X-men. She and brother are also the first Brother and Sister team to join the X-men at the same time. Her notable love interest is Thunderbird.

Personality: Heather has a very serious respect for life. Her career and her powers both reflect a want and desire to preserve another’s existence. She also did not know her father was a crime lord, implying some level of naivete. If angered, Heather has a good chance of losing herself in rage, becoming a danger to those around her. She also resents having to be protected.

Fun Fact: Lifeguard is half Shi’ar


First Appearance: X-Treme X-men #6 (2001)


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