Stacy X

Powers: Pheromone manipulation through physical contact, durable Scale Skin


What!?: She can make people feel pain or pleasure by touching them, and her snake-like skin gives her above average endurance

Origin: Miranda Leevald, or Stacy-X, was a member of X-Ranch, a mutant brothel in Nevada. After the villainous Church of Humanity destroyed X-Ranch, Stacy-X was invited to join the X-men. Her time on the team was relatively short, with many of the members being uncomfortable with her profession of choice. She became infatuated with Angel, but decided to leave the team when she noticed fellow teammate Husk’s love for him.

Her Deal: Stacy-X was a controversial member of the X-men. Her life as a prostitute strained her relationship with the rest of the team. Even the usually non judgemental Wolverine and Nightcrawler had issues with her.

Personality: Despite her teammates reactions, Stacy-X never acted ashamed over her work as a prostitute. She considered her sexuality one of her most useful skill points. Her profession has actually made her a very astute student of human nature. Stacy-X can be very cut-throat, especially while fighting. However, she is not without feeling. Stacy-X felt great sadness when her fellow workers at the X-Ranch died, and she removed an aging mutant’s ability to feel pain out of mercy.

Fun Fact: When she left the X-men, Stacy-X left Angel a recording of her jumping rope naked to forever remind him on what he missed out on.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #399 (2001)


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