Powers: A Thoracic and Abdominal cavity filled with Excessive Psionic Energy. Possibly a Being of pure Psionic Energy.


What!?: Half his face and body is missing, and instead replaced with pure psychic energy.

Origin: Jonothon Starsmore, or Chamber, was a London resident whose powers manifested while on a date with his girlfriend. His mutation eradicated almost half of his upper body, and crippled his girlfriend. Chamber was accepted to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, but was attacked by the villain Emplate. Chamber is rescued by Generation X and decides to join the Massachusetts Academy. His time with the team proved less than successful, as he was never able to reach his full potential. He joined the X-men shortly thereafter, following a failed relationship with pop star Sugar Kane in London.

His Deal: Chamber was Generation X’s sullen and depressed artistic member. His personality and dark cloths was representative of the 90’s era of Grunge music phase. He is also the first official British X-man. His most notable relationship has been with the mutant Husk.

Personality: Chamber’s days in Generation X were ones of anger and depression. The manifestation of his mutant abilities had a profound effect on Chamber, making him apprehensive over controlling his own powers and getting into a relationship. He kept himself emotionally distant from his fellow team mates for the entirety of his membership. This is perhaps best illustrated with his interactions with Husk. Though the two shared an mutual attraction, Chamber’s attitude made any potential for progress slim. The two ended things with an amicable friendship, which best describes his relations with the rest of the X-men.

Fun Fact: Chamber is a direct descendant of Apocalypse


First Appearance: Generation-X #1 (1994)


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