Powers: Healing, manipulation of electromagnetic fields, and gravity


What!?: Born with a Star in his head that give him space powers

Origin: The exact origins of Kuan-Yin Xorn, or Xorn, are largely unknown. What is known is that he is of Chinese decent and has a twin brother, Shen Xorn. At some point, he is imprisoned by the Chinese government and sold to the villain John Sublime. Xorn attempts to kill himself before hand, but is rescued by the X-men. Xorn joins the X-men, where he purges a nano-sentinel plague, restores Charles Xavier’s ability to walk, and becomes the teacher of the Special Class in the Xavier Institute.

His Deal: Xorn was originally only supposed to be Magneto in disguise. Magneto used the Xorn identity to infiltrate and influence the young mutants at the Xavier Institute. Xorn was meant to show how desperate and out of touch Magneto had become, his final fall from grace. However, the editors at Marvel Comics did not what Magneto to become a full fledged villain again and choose to split the characters. This left “Xorn” with a convoluted and unsatisfying new status.

Personality: Xorn was largely depicted as shy, quiet,  and a bit naive. He humble demeanor allowed him to gain the trust of the X-men rather quickly. When he “reveals” himself to be Magneto, he become completely power hungry and hoped to inspire his Special Class to become the same. However, he failed to inspire any of his would-be followers with his indecisiveness and increasingly extreme rhetoric. He also showed signs of dissociative identity disorder, with his Xorn and Magneto personas competing for dominance.

Fun Fact: It was later explained that Xorn was under the mental control of John Sublime


First Appearance: New X-Men Annual 2001 (2001)

Death: Xorn died by being decapitated by Wolverine after killing Jean Grey

Greatest Crime: Impersonating Magneto and attempting to use the Xavier students to start a mutant revolution.


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