White Queen/Emma Frost

Powers: Telepathy and Organic Diamond morphing


What!?: She can read and control minds, and make her skin into diamond

Origin: Emma Frost, or the White Queen, was born to the wealthy Frost family, whose impossibly high standards and neglectful parenting left Emma with little to no emotional support. Emma’s only solace was found in school under the guidance of one of her teachers. It is here that Emma first becomes interested in teaching. When her father gets her favorite teacher fired, Emma attempts to blackmail him. Emma’s father is impressed by her ruthlessness, and decides to leave her his fortune. Emma refuses, stating that she would succeed without his help. Emma beings to work as a stripper for the Hellfire Club and attracts the attention of Sebastian Shaw. Together, the duo take over the Hellfire Club as the Black King and White Queen.

Before The X-Men: During her years in the Hellfire Club, Frost builds the Massachusetts Academy, a school for mutants intended to rival the Xavier Institute. She famously tried to force Kitty Pryde to join the school, and her student “Hellions” often came in conflict with Xavier’s New Mutants. When the time traveler Trevor Fitzroy unleashes Sentinels, almost all of the Hellions are killed. The death of her students leaves Frost devastated. Frost does eventually reopen her school when she meets Generation X, a young group of untested mutants, with Banshee as Co-headmaster. Frost attempts to reconcile with her estranged sister Adrienne when her finances become strained, but her sister betrays her and kills one of her students. Enraged, Frost kills Adrienne and becomes more distant towards the rest of Generation X.

This, coupled with Banshee’s depression over the death of Moira MacTaggerts, leads to the Massachusetts Academy closing once again. Emma attempts to reconcile with her actions by teaching young mutants in the Island of Genosha. The island is sadly attacked by Sentinels, killing almost every mutant on the island. Frost survives due to her second mutation manifesting and is taken by the X-men to the Xavier Institute. Frost become a teacher at Xavier’s and begins a secret psychic affair with Cyclops. The two are encouraged to be together by Jean Grey after her ascension into the White Phoenix of the Crown. Emma essentially becomes Cyclops’ second in command.

Her Deal: Emma Frost started as the female member of the Hellfire Club that famously turned Jean Grey into the Dark Phoenix. She later became a major antagonist for the New Mutants. Her role changed when she joined Generation X as their headmistress, eventually evolving into a full-fledged X-man. She is considered to be the sexiest X-man. She may also be the team’s most skilled telepath, even being able to match the more powerful Professor X and Rachel Grey.

Personality: Emma Frost is well defined by her cold demeanor and dry wit. During her years in the Hellfire Club, the White Queen was merciless and often times cruel. She gradually became less ruthless after the deaths of the Hellions. Emma Frost has always loved teaching, and is devastated when one of her students die. Emma’s transition from the White Queen to X-man was helped along by Banshee and Generation X, who helped her come to terms with her past and her desire for redemption. The time with the X-men has been one of proving, most of all to herself, that she can atone for her mistakes. Emma’s incredible intelligence and cunning have helped the X-man many times.

Fun Fact: Emma Frost is the founder and CEO of a Frost Enterprises, a multi-million dollar company.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-man #129 (1980)

Greatest Crime: Helping in turning Jean Grey into Dark Phoenix and attempting to kidnap Shadowcat on numerous occasions


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