Powers: Hyper Information Processing


What!?: She’s super smart, often thought of as a living computer

Origin: Tessa, or Sage, was a young mutant living in war torn Afghanistan. She meets Professor X shortly after his battle with the alien Lucifer. He immediatly senses that she is a mutant and explains to her what that means. Years later, as Xavier is forming the original X-men, he asks a young Tessa to join the Hellfire Club as a double agent. Sage spends years working as the Hellfire Club’s intelligence officer while secretly helping the X-men survive many of their battles against the club. After years of service, Sage was kidnapped by former Hellfire member Elias Bogan for costing him a match of cards and influence against Hellfire leader Sebastian Shaw. Sage is mentally possessed by Bogan, but is luckily saved by Storm and the X-men. Sage subsequently joins the X-men.

Her Deal: Sage worked primarily as the X-men’s coordinator. Her mental abilities allowed her to analyze and process data at an incredible speed, allowing her to act as the ultimate support member. Sage as a character also represents one of the early attempts to retcon the X-men’s origins. Her back story technically makes her one of the original X-men, and is sometimes written as the first mutant recruited by Professor X.

Personality: Sage is a very reserved woman. Her years of undercover work have made her a master of masking her true emotions. If one looks under the surface, one will find a woman who has been scarred by years of keeping secrets and leading double lives. Sage resented her role role as a double agents, a feels envious towards the 5 original X-men. Despite this, Sage is always willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good, and has given up more than any other X-man. Sage also dislikes psychics after being mentally possessed by Elias Bolas.

Fun Fact: Sage’s country of origin is still unknown


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #132 (1980)

Greatest Crime: As a member of the Hellfire Club, she often hurt and tortured others


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