Powers: Emphatic Psi and Psionic Weaponry


What!?: She can create illusions of people’s fears and desires, and create psychic crossbows

Origin: Danielle Moonstar, or Mirage, is a Cheyenne Native American from Colorado. When her powers first manifested, she saw a vision of her parents deaths at the hands of a giant bear, a vision that came true. Her grandfather took her in and contacted Charles Xavier, a friend of Danielle’s later father. Xavier took in Danielle and made her co-leader of the his most recent class, the New Mutants. With the help of the New Mutants, Danielle is able to defeat the Bear that took her parents and reunite with them. After the New Mutants dissolve, Danielle joins S.H.I.E.L.D. and infiltrates the Mutant Liberation Front, a mutant terrorist organization. She spends much of this time fighting X-Force, but later joins them. Danielle eventually moves on and becomes and X-man and teacher at Xavier’s Institute for Higher learning, as well as a mentor for the newest incarnation of the New Mutants. She later joins the original New Mutants when they reform.

Her Deal: Mirage is the first Native American woman to join the team. She had little to no control over her powers, making her feel like a social pariah when she first joined the New Mutants. She is the third woman to led an X-man team, as well as the second X-woman to do so while depowered. She has a flirtatious relationship with fellow New Mutant Cannonball, and is close friends with Wolfsbane.

Personality: Danielle Moonstar was a young mutant who originally feared her own powers. Her ability to mentally manifest anyone’s fears made her difficult to be around. She eventually learned to control her powers and became Co-leader of the New Mutants. Perhaps because of her initial difficulty with her powers, Danielle does not take defeat and failure very well. She has a problem acknowledging her own weaknesses. Danielle is a bit quick to anger, especially when she is defensive. She does, however, have a humorous side, and will tell the occasional joke should the situation arise.

Fun Fact: Danielle Moonstar is also a Valkyrie and can sense death


First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4: The New Mutants (1982)

Greatest Crime: Joining the Mutant Liberation Front


2 thoughts on “Mirage/Moonstar

  1. One thing Dani never had was a pair of giant boobs. She has always been drawn as small-chested. That first image is just… wrong.

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