Powers: Telepathy and Telekinesis. Potential severely limited by a Techno-Organic Virus.

What!?: He can minds and move things with his mind. He uses most of his power to keep a robot virus from killing him.


Origin: Cable, or Nathan Summers, is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. He was sent to the future by the mysterious Mother Askani when he contracted a techno-organic virus from Apocalypse. The Mother Askani also sent the minds of Scott Summers and Jean Grey to the future to help raise Nathan under the aliases of “Slym and Red.” At the age of 12, Nathan and his parents finally defeated the immortal Apocalypse, as had been foretold in prophecy. Now going by the name “Cable” to represent his ties to the past and future, the young mutant was looked after by Blaquesmith, one of Mother Askani’s oldest followers.

Before the X-Men: Unknown to Cable, Mother Askani had cloned him when it appeared his techno-organic virus was too far gone to be cured. The clone had been kidnapped by Apocalypse and raised in his image. The came to be known as Stryfe, and became Cable’s greatest enemy.  As time went by, Cable could see that Apocalypse’s influence did not die with him. Groups like the New Canaanites and beings like Stryfe made Cable and the Askani’s efforts to improve the world almost impossible. Cable decided that the only way to truly save the future was to travel back in time and defeat Apocalypse at an earlier date. Cable did just that, arriving many years before his own birth.

Cable traveled the world as a mercenary and eventually ran into the remnant of the New Mutants, who he lead and mentored under the name X-Force. Cable later found himself face to face with Stryfe, who had also traveled back in time. Though he was successful in finally defeating him, he was not able to prevent Stryfe from releasing the deadly Legacy Virus. Eventually, Cable revealed his heritage to his parent and left X-Force in hopes of finding himself. He spent many years carefully supressing the techo-organic virus that ravaged his body.

However, Cable discovered that his now unrestrained powers would one day be too much for his own body to control. Wanting to make the world a better place, Cable create Providence, an independent Utopia. He even tries to force the world the live peacefully. Cable is stopped by the Silver Surfer, resulting in him losing almost all his powers. It is at this time that Cable becomes a member of the X-men to make amends. When the mutant messiah is born, Cable takes the infant into his custody, keeping her safe from the myriad of groups trying to kill her/use her. Cable is confronted by his father, who tells his son to take the baby into the future and give her the chance at a normal life that he was never able to give Cable.

His Deal: Cable was originally presented as an alternative choice to Professor X.  An anti-hero in line with Wolverine. Cable’s character is somewhat inspired by the movie, The Terminator, as Cable is part cyborg, his backstory involves using time travel to change the past, he has an affinity for firearms, and he was the supposed savior of the future.  He helped mentor Cannonball and Hope Summers, and he has an on-again, off-again relationship with the mutants Domino and Deadpool. Cable is perhaps most well known for representing the 90’s era of comics as a whole. His overly violent nature, large muscular build, reliance on guns, and seeming endless supply of pouches made him the poster child for the 90’s.

Personality:  Years of war have made Cable a hardened soldier. His military mentality allows him to use lethal force when necessary. But even with all his hardships, Cable is always driven by his mission to create a better world. His years in X-Force, his creation of Providence, and his rescue of the mutant messiah have all been inspired by his convictions. Cable, however, often takes a more practical approach to achieving his goals. X-Force was, after all, designed to be a more upfront and preemptive versions of the X-men. Cable is also very smart and a keen strategist, being able to defeat multiple X-men and Avengers single-handed.

Fun Fact: Cable has a law degree


First Appearance: Baby-Uncanny X-men #201 (1986) / Adult- New Mutants #87 (1990)

Died: Cable dies holding a time-portal open for X-Force and Hope, preventing them from being trapped in the future.


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