Powers: Superheated Plasma Manipulation


What!?: He can throw lava and use it to fly

Origin: Neal Shaara, or Thunderbird, was born to a well-to-do family in India. When Neal’s brother disappeared,  he went on a search to look for him. His family hired a private detective named Karima to follow Neal, but she was discovered and the two fell in love. Neal and Karima where captured by the robotic Bastion to be turned into new Prime Sentinels. Neal managed to escape thanks to his mutant powers, but Karima was not so lucky. Being taken over by her programming, Karima urged Neal to escape. Neal, now lost, went to family friend Moira MacTaggert for help. Through her, Neal meet the X-men.

His Deal: Thunderbird was the first Indian X-men. He was the newest in a long line of mutants who feared his own powers (Cyclops, Havok, Rouge, etc.) He has a brief relationship with Psylocke, and Lifeguard.

Personality: Thunderbird was portrayed as the new wide-eyed member of the X-men. He was an untested member of the team who was afraid that his powers would hurt other people. He was shown to have a great capacity for love, initially leaving home to look for his missing brother, and falling in love with three different women during his brief run.

Fun Fact: Thunderbird cannot burn through adamantium


First Appearance: X-men #100 (2000)


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