Powers: Two semi-sentient slugs that double as his digestive system


What!?: He has two slugs that live in his stomach. They can eat anything and convert that into energy.

Origin: Japheth, or Maggott, was born a sickly child in South Africa. Starving, he left his family in hopes of lightening their own burdens with his death. He was found by Magneto, who used his powers to release the two slugs living within Maggott. Though he initially rejected Magneto’s offer to join him, he later sought out Magneto when the pain of his mutation began to increase. It was on this search that he meet the X-men, who were being held captive by Magneto at the time.

His Deal: Maggott was one of the strangest X-men. His powers and way of speaking stood out on the already bizarre team.

Personality: Maggott used an easy going and friendly persona to hide his own internal doubts. He was very aware that his mutant ability made other people uncomfortable. This caused him to keep to himself, making the X-men wary of the young mutant.  Still, Maggott always tried to do the right thing.

Fun Fact: Maggott’s slugs are named¬†Eany and Meany


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #345 (1997)

Died: Maggott died at a mutant concentration camp run by Weapon X


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