Powers: Enhanced Skeletal growth. Healing factor.


What!?: She can make her bones into armor and weapons. Can also heal rather quickly.

Origin: Sarah, or Marrow, was raised by the Morlocks, a mutant community living in the sewers of New York. She was witness to the Mutant Massacre, but was saved by Gambit. Years later, Colossus’ brother Mikhail transported the surviving Morlocks to an alternated dimension, with Mikhail as king. Though cared for by the ex-Morlock leader Callisto, Marrow grew into a very harsh and violent young woman. The Morlocks eventually returned to Earth and formed the mutant terrorist group Gene Nation. Marrow led the group into an attempted bombing of New York, but was stopped when Storm ripped her heart out. Marrow managed to survive and reunited with Callisto. When Callisto was injured during Operation: Zero Tolerance, she urged Marrow to seek out the X-men for protection. Marrow helped Iceman and Cecilia Reyes end Operation: Zero Tolerance, earning her a spot on the team.

Her Deal: Marrow was the X-men’s female anti-hero. She was brash, violent, headstrong, and deeply conflicted. She was often at odds with everyone on the team, especially Cecilia Reyes. She had romantic interests in Cannonball, Colossus, and Gambit. She has often been associated with underground mutant terrorist groups.

Personality: Growing up under Mikhail’s rule forced Marrow to become incredibly lethal and merciless. She developed an intense hatred for humanity, partly fueled by her own self loathing. Marrow’s mutant powers make her feel grotesque. Secretly however, she would like nothing better than to be “normal.” Marrow’s anger and social ineptitude acted as a wall between her and her fellow X-men. Only Colossus and Gambit were ever able to get close to her. Despite this, Marrow fought bravely along side the X-men.  Though she was making progress with the X-men, her time away from the team has led her to regress to her more violent tendencies.

Fun Fact: Marrow was born with two hearts


First Appearance: Cable #15 (1994)

Greatest Crime: Started a Mutant terrorist group and attempted to bomb New York City


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