Cecilia Reyes

Powers: Generates a defensive psioplasmatic field


What!?: Force fields

Origin: Cecilia Reyes, or Dr. Cecilia Reyes, was a doctor in New York when Operation: Zero Tolerance began. The operation was designed to hunt down mutants, and Cecilia was no exception. Luckily, the combination of her mutant powers and Iceman’s intervention saved her. After the operation was shut down, Reyes was brought to the X-mansion and managed to remove a bomb from Cyclops’ heart, earning her a spot on the team. She rejected the offer, but her status as a mutant cost her her job. With no place left to go, she joined the X-men.

Her Deal: Cecilia is probably the most reluctant person to ever join the X-men. She often clashed with the brasher Marrow. She is also the second official African-American woman to join the X-men. She’s also the only X-man with a medial degree, acting as the X-men’s unofficial doctor from time to time.

Her Personality: As stated above, Cecilia Reyes was a very reluctant X-man. Though not a coward, she was not intrigued by a life of heroics. Cecilia’s only goal in life was to become a doctor, a career she takes very seriously. She wants to heal people, not hurt them. Despite her reluctance to join the team, and her brief time as an official member, Cecilia is nevertheless quite loyal to the X-men, and is always willing to help whenever asked.

Fun Fact: Cecilia’s brother was a pilot of a Sentinel


First Appearance: X-men #65 (1997)


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