Powers: Magnetism.


What!?: He can control metal and fly.

Origin: The man known as Joseph first appeared in a South American orphanage with no memory of who he was. He was found by Rouge, who believed he was an amnesiac Magneto. Joseph helped the X-men during Operation: Zero Tolerance and the Onslaught Crisis. Though many believed he was the actual Magneto, it was later discovered that he was in fact a clone of Magneto.

His Deal: Joseph was Magneto without all the emotion baggage. He was younger, more powerful, and more prone to true heroism. He developed a romantic attraction to Rouge during his time with the X-men. His character served as a mirror to Magneto’s own potential.

Personality: As a clone, Joseph shared a lot of Magneto’s personality traits. His sense of honor, his temper, and his intelligence. What Joseph lacks is Mageneto’s experience and cynicism. Joseph did not live through the horrors of Magneto’s life, so his view of the world is much less negative. This actually accentuated Joseph’s altruistic potential, leading him to sacrifice himself to undo the damage Magneto had done to Earth’s magnetic field.

Fun Fact: Joseph was later revived and went crazy


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #327

Died: Joseph died in the Magneto Wars, reversing the damage Magneto did to Earth’s eletromagnetic field.

Greatest Crime: Returning from the Dead and using clones to terrorize the world and frame Magneto


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