Powers: His body can generate thermo-chemical energy


What!?: Flies really fast with a force field, making him a human cannonball

Origin: Sam Guthrie, or Cannonball, was born to a poor mining community in rural Kentucky. His father died in a mining accident, and Sam attempted to take his place to help support his large family. Like his father, Sam found himself in another mining accident, but he managed to save himself and a family friend when his mutant powers manifested. Sam was recruited by the Hellfire Club to fight the newly formed New Mutants, but turned against them. Professor X, sensing Sam’s inner good, offered him a spot on the New Mutants. Sam eventually becomes Co-Leader of the team until their eventual break up. The remnants of the New Mutants joined the mysterious mutant Cable and renamed themselves X-force, with Sam as acting field-leader. After many adventures with X-force, Sam was finally asked to join the main X-men roster.

His Deal: Cannonball was the first member of an affiliate X-team to join the X-men. He served as leader of the New Mutants and X-Force, and was the former protege of Cable. His family has the distinction of being prone to mutant births, as four of Cannonball’s younger siblings have been mutants, notably his sister Husk and brother Icarus. Sam is also a Southern X-men, along side Rouge and Gambit. He has been romantically linked to Lila Cheney, Boom-Boom, and Danielle Moonstar.

Personality: Cannonball’s a very down to earth and straight forward young man. His rural Kentucky upbringing has instilled in him honesty, politeness, responsibility, and conviction. He has also demonstrated moments of great selflessness and leadership. Cannonball was originally introduced as a bit of a “hayseed,” who was easy to manipulate and guilty of social faux pas (such as trying to pet Wolfsbane’s animal form). His tenure in the X-men was marked by feelings of inadequacy and doubts.Though he has grown out of this, Cannonball is still sometimes prone to moments of disillusionment. This is actually what led him to join the outlaw X-Force in the first place. Cannonball is also very dedicated to his family, and has become the de-facto “man of the house.”

Fun Fact: Cannonball may be immortal.

Cannonball by Bob McLeod

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4 The New Mutants (1982)


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