Powers: Intuitive Empath and Telepathy


What!?: Can sense other people’s emotions, and read minds. Able to create psychic Katanas.

Origin: Kwannon, or Ravanche,  was originally the top assassin for a Japanese crime lord and the lover of Hand operative Matsu’o Tsurayaba. When the crime lord’s and the Hand’s interest conflicted, Kwannon was forced to fight against her lover, leaving her brain damaged and comatose. As luck would have it, the mutant Psylocke was captured by the Hand, and Tsurayaba planned on using her psychic powers to revive Kwannon. Instead, Kwannon and Psylocke’s minds were put into each other’s bodies. Now in an English body with psychic abilities, Kwannon went back to the X-men believing she was the real Psylocke. Unable to decide who was telling the truth, the X-men allowed Kwannon, calling herself Revanche, to join the X-men.

Her Deal: Revanche was largely used as a plot device for the mutant Psylocke. Her character explained what happened to Psylocke’s original English body. She was also used to cause an identity crisis within Psylocke, allowing her character to develop new personality traits, making her more aggressive and sensual.

Personality: Ravanche was known as a deadly killer and honor bound warrior during her days as an assassin. When her mind was put into Psylocke’s body, she was steadfast in her conviction that she was the real Psylocke. When she discovered the truth about her situation, and dying from the Legacy Virus, Revanche chose to help Psylocke regain her memories. Whether from a sense of honor or empathy, Revanche died atoning for her part in Psylocke’s life.

Fun Fact: Revanche’s tombstone reads “Kwannon, love that transcended body and soul


First Appearance: X-men #17 (1993)

Died: Ravance died after contracting the Legacy Virus

Greatest Crime: Serving as an assassin


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