Powers: Absorbs all forms of radiant and conductive energy


What!?: He absorbs energy to power himself up or shoot lasers

Origin: Lucas Bishop, or simply Bishop, was born in a mutant concentration camp in the future, tattooed with a giant M over his eye. Bishop was protected by the mysterious Lebeau, the last man to ever see the now legendary X-men. He was later taken in by his grandmother, who told him stories about the X-men. After the events of the Summer’s Rebellion and his grandmother’s death, Bishop and his sister Shard, and all other mutants, were “freed” and forced to live on the streets. Bishop and Shard stole to survive, until running across the XSE, or Xavier’s Security Enforcers, a mutant police force. The siblings joined and rose through the ranks of the XSE, until Shard died on a mission.

Before the X-Men: Bishop managed to save Shard’s “essence” in a holographic matrix in exchange for working for The Witness. Bishop became consumed with hunting down Trevor Firzroy, an ex-XSE officer and Shard’s former boyfriend. The chase led to the ruins of the Xavier Institute, where Bishop ran across a message from Jean Grey warning of a traitor within the X-men. Bishop initially suspects Lebeau. Shortly after this, Firzroy escapes prison via a time portal, with Bishop in hot pursuit. Bishop finds himself in the past his grandmother told him about, and meets the legendary X-men. Professor X offers him a place with the team, and put him under Storm’s care.

His Deal: Bishop was the X-men’s newest resident anti-hero, as well as it’s second member from an alternate future. He was also the first African-American man to join the X-men. Bishop, a cop at heart, sometimes worked as the X-men’s defacto detective, as well as Professor X’s bodyguard. Bishop later turned into a villain trying to prevent his own future, becoming the traitor Jean Grey warned of.

Personality: Bishop grew up in a future where mutants were forced to live in camps and marked with a giant M. Bishop grew up hard and mean, harboring a deep seated anger within him. His only solace was his grandmother’s stories about the X-men, instilling in him an admiration for the X-men’s heroics. These two factors resulted in a very aggressive yet by-the-books adult attitude. Bishop is willing to use lethal force, but only in the line of duty. This philosophy eventually led to Bishops fall from grace, as Bishop made it his mission to kill the “mutant messiah,” a baby that may or may not have been responsible for Bishop’s horrific future. Bishop betrays the X-men, mortally injures Professor X, and kills millions in the future, all in order to save his own timeline.

Fun Fact: Bishop once had X-men inspired catchphrases like “By Cyclop’s Eye!”


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #282 (1991)

Greatest Crime: Attempting to kill Hope Summers throughout her life, even going so far as killing thousands of people to get to her


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