Powers: Ability to control and project explosive plasma

Jubilee X-Men

What!?: Fireworks.

Origin: Jubilation Lee, or Jubilee, was born in Beverly Hills, California. When her parents were killed, Jubilee hid in the local Mall, where her powers manifested while running away for mall security. She used her new found ability to become a street performer, but was soon attacked by a mutant hunting squad hired by mall authorities. She was rescued by the X-men. Curious about her rescuers, Jubilee followed them and wound up in Australia. She stays hidden until the X-men were forced to leave their Australian base due to an attack from the cybernetic Reavers. Jubilee discovers that the only X-man left behind was Wolverine, and she manages to rescue him and nurse him back to health. She and Wolverine travel the world together before Wolverine finally introduces her to Professor X and the X-men.

Her Deal: Jubilee was the second unofficial Woverine side-kick. Both are very protective of one another. She was also the third “young” X-man member after Iceman and Shadowcat. She was initially portrayed as a 90’s valley girl, whose interests all centered around the Mall. She’s the first Chinese-American to join the X-men.

Personality: Jubilee is a very outspoken individual who’s never afraid to speak her mind. Her inability to keep her opinions to herself can come off as rude at times. Her lively personalty won over many of the X-men during her initial tenure. While some could classify Jubilee as vapid and shallow, she’s actually very much a surviror. She mananged to live on her own after her parents died, she traveled around the World’s underworld community with Wolverine, and she withstood interrogation/mental torture from the robot Bastion. Jubilee has also demonstrated leadership skills and the ability to think her way out of situations.

Fun Fact: Jubilee has Dyscalculia, a learning disability specific to Arithmetic


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #224 (1989)


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