Powers: Intuitive knowledge of mechanical energy


What!?: He can invent things.

Origin: Forge is a Cheyenne Native American and trained medicine man. He left the tribe due to his disagreements with his teacher Naze, and joined the Army. While on tour, his comrades were killed by enemy soldiers. In a rage, Forge used his latent mystic abilities to summon demons to avenge his fellow soldiers. Forge ordered the area to be bombed to stop the demons, but not before the being known as The Adversary escaped. Forge lost his right arm and leg, but used his mutant ability to create cybernetic replacements. Impressed by his abilities, he was hired by the U.S. government to design weapons. One such weapon was a mutant neutralizer that was accidentally used against the X-man Storm. Forge nursed Storm back to health and they developed a romantic relationship. It was through Storm that Forge learned that The Adversary has survived, leading him to reconnect with his Native American roots in order to defeat him. With their consent, Forge used the X-men’s souls to create a spell powerful enough to defeat The Adversary, and served as an interim X-man during the main team’s absence.

His Deal: Forge is another in a line of Native American X-men, along with Thunderbird, Warpath, and Danielle Moonstar. His longest relationship was with the mutant Storm. He has served as a leader for the government led X-factor team. In fact, he has a relatively good relationship with the federal government compared to the rest of the X-men. He served as the X-men’s resident technology expert for a brief time.

Personality: Forge has always had a mixed relationship with his Native America heritage. He does not have much faith in its spiritual and mystics aspects, putting more trust in his own scientific skills. Ironically, Forge’s powers work subconsciously, and he does not always understand the exact process that went into making one of his inventions. In a word, he has to go on faith that his inventions will work. He is very headstrong, often believing that his way is the best way. He is also capable of great paranoia, especially if he believes one of his creations are in danger of being stolen.

Fun Fact: Forge’s Native American’s moniker is “The Maker”


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #184 (1984)

Greatest Crime: Going mad and attempting to stop an alien invasion though the use of an inter-dimensional doomsday device


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