Powers: She can convert sonic vibrations into different forms of light


What!?: She turns sound into laser beams

Origin: Alison Blaire, or Dazzler, discovered she was a mutant during a performance at her school dance when her light generating ability manifested. She adopted the name Dazzler and used her abilities to break into the music business. She meets the X-men during one of her shows, but declines their offer to join them, deeming their lifestyle too dangerous. However, she soon finds herself fighting more and more criminals at the cost of her professional ambitions. Dazzler moves to Los Angeles and tries her luck in modeling, acting, and fitness training. She publicly declares her mutant identity in an attempt to abate anti-mutant bigotry, but it backfires. She goes into hiding and becomes a background keyboard player for the mutant Lila Chaney, but is forced once again to play the hero when the band’s plane crashes. When the mutant Malice briefly posses her, Dazzler finally agrees to join the X-men for her own protection.

Her Deal: She is the only real “entertainment celebrity” in the X-men. She has dabbled in action, modeling, dancing, but her first love is music. She started out as a Disco singer, but has moved on to contemporary rock. Her most notable relationship is with the X-men Longshot.

Personality: Dazzler is a woman with a dream deferred. She has always wanted to become a singer, but her life as a mutant has always stood in the way. Her aspiring music career was usually interrupted by a superhuman attack or by anti-mutant bigotry. She is a reluctant hero who’s always forced to restart from the beginning. But no matter what the setback, her concrete optimism and desire to preform has always driven her to try and try again. While her singing career has always stagnated, her career as a superhero has been much more successful. Her solo adventures and time with the X-men has made her one of the most experienced X-men around, with a firm control over her own powers.

Fun Fact: Dazzler was originally a cross-promotional creation between Marvel and a Music Label.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #130 (1980)


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