Powers: Probability augmentation, psychometry, and genetically engineered physical abilities. 


What!?: He’s lucky. He’s also superhumaly acrobatic with advanced healing. He can sometimes telepathically “read” people and object’s most recent memories.

Origin: Longshot is an artificially created humannoid from the alternate dimension called the Mojoverse. He was created as a slave to work for the media obsessed Spineless Ones, the rulers of the Mojoworld. Longshot takes part in a slave revolt, but losses, and is forced to flee to Earth. Losing his memories, he adopts the name “Longshot” due to the reactions to his good luck. He regained his memory and returned to Mojoworld to led another revolution, but was sent to Earth again. Finding himself amnesiatic again, he meets and joins the X-men.

His Deal: Longshot is the first X-men from an alternate dimension. Longshot has a serious memory problem, often losing his memory. His longest relationship was with the mutant Dazzler.

Personality: Longshot is a very energetic and cheerful person. His powers actually depend on his positive personality, turning on him if he becomes selfish or dejected. Longshot can also be very dense at times. His positive personality can make him seem a bit airheaded, or even simple. Nevertheless, Longshot is very altruistic, and has never knowingly given up his fight against the Mojoverse.

Fun Fact: Women are spontaneously attracted to Longshot, another ability he was engineered with.


First Appearance: Longshot #1 (1985)


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