Powers: Telekinesis and Telepathy.


What!?: She can read minds and move things with her own mind. She also uses her  telepathy to create psychic Knives and her telekinesis to create psionic Katanas.

Origin: Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, or Psylocke, was born to the wealthy English family, the Braddocks, along with her twin brother Brian and older brother Jamie. Her brother Brian grew up to become the superhero Captain Britain, and Betsy, with developing powers of her own, decided to help him. In one of their adventures, Betsy was critically wounded, and sent to the X-men mansion to recover. It was during this time that the X-mansion was being used as a recovery ward for survivors of the Mutant Massacre. One of the perpetrators, Sabertooth, decided to attack the mansion while the X-men where away. Betsy bravely used herself as bait in order to led the murderous Sabertooth away from the survivors.

Before the X-men: Wolverine, impressed by Betsy’s courage, offered her membership into the X-men. After some time with the X-men, Betsy had a vision of their deaths, and used an object called the Siege Perilous to erase their minds and transport them to different parts of the world. Betsy awoke in the clutches of the Hand, an underground ninja clan. The clan’s leader, Matsu’o Tsurayaba, tried to use Betsy’s powers to revive his dead lover, but instead switched their minds with one another. Betsy, now in the body of a Japanese assassin, became the Hand’s top killer, but regained her memories and returned to the X-men after a fight with Wolverine.

Her Deal: Psylocke is without a doubt one of the most sexualized X-man. She is also arguably either the first Japanese woman or British person to join the X-men. Her family, the Braddocks, have a deep connection with the “Otherworld,” a dimension charged with the guardianship of the entire Omniverse. Her most notable relationship was with the X-man Angel.

Personality: Psylocke was originally described as very adventurous and outgoing. She grew up admiring her older brother Jamie who was, among other things, a successful race car driver. After her mind was switched, she became more cold and ruthless. Psylocke is an avid fighter, being able to blend her telepathic and telekinetic abilities with her martial arts skills, as seen with her use of psychic weaponry. Her natural tenacity allows her to face stronger and often more powerful opponents. But perhaps Psylocke’s most important trait is her ability to make difficult choices. Their have been numerous times when Psylocke has had to make decisions for the greater good, despite the consequences for her personally. This includes erasing her own mind, sacrificing her powers, or even giving up her own happiness.

Fun Fact: Psylocke’s hair is not naturally purple. She dyes it.


First Appearance: Captain Britain #8 (1976)

Death: Psylocke died protecting Beast and Rogue from the villain Vagras


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